Fringe Market

Fringe Market

For 2023 we’ve once again updated Fringe Market’s site. It’s minimal and faster. Fringe Market designs and manufactures luxury trim. They are located in Eatonton, GA.  All products are also available on their facebook page, and we’ve added an Instagram gallery page that shows how their designs are used.

The last update and redesign of their site was in 2018. We added an Mailchimp RSS feed for blog posts to be delivered to the mailing list that gets longer by the day. Fringe Market continues to grow!

In 2015, their sister site Linger + Longer Textiles, that no longer exists sold retail items. It was doing so well, Fringe Market decided to offer their products to order online for WholeSalers and Retailers. So we added an eCommerce component that can do both. Prices are only available to Wholesale Customers when they log in to the site.

We’ll be continuing to add more features as we go along! You can see the site here at

Below are some of the older designs…

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