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New Updates March 2018! Logo Refresh, New Webpage Design, we added an Mailchimp RSS feed for blog posts to be delivered to the mailing list that gets longer by the day. Fringe Market continues to grow!

October 20, 2015 – Since it’s sister site (Linger + Longer Textiles) selling retail items was doing so well, Fringe Market decided to offer their products to order online for WholeSalers.

So we added the eCommerce component. Prices are only available to Wholesale Customers when they log in to the site.

The site also has a cleaner, more streamlined look and there is more integration with social media. We’ll be continuing to add more features as we go along! You can see the site here at www.fringemarket.com.

Older Designs

Stellar IMS


Logo design for a company that assists Boat Rental Companies in their day-to-day operations and improve the overall customer experience for their clients. They have created a reservation platform that allows customers to make online reservations using their web browser, while the back-end reservation grid allows employees to manage the major functions of a rental operation (payments, reservations, fleet, customers, pricing, etc.)

The logo was designed to be nautical looking.

Client is Zoom

Alliance for Smiles


Old Site

Alliance for Smiles is a non-profit organization that provides free comprehensive surgery to children born with cleft lip and palate anomalies all over the world. They needed an updated logo and new website. Their old website was broken in many places and outdated.

After designing both the logo and website, I was privileged to go with a medical team to Yangon, Myanmar as their photographer for the 2-week mission. My job was to document the children, take before, after, and during surgery photographs for their record-keeping. It was an amazing experience.

Since then, a newsletter, brochure, banners and a few other projects have been published for Alliance for Smiles and I hope to continue to contribute in any way I can.

See the site at https://www.allianceforsmiles.org. And consider donating!