Project Description

spinnerhomepage_fullThe Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club

There are over 800 very active members of the Greenville Spinners in Greenville, SC. The calendar is always full with rides and events in the area. It’s a friendly group that accommodates all riding levels.

Their previous website was outdated and not responsive. It was difficult to find or follow news and events. They depended on a Yahoo group to talk with each other about upcoming rides. Plus it cost them hundreds of dollars a month to maintain.

The new site is in WordPress, and includes Buddy Press for in-site communications. Members can sign up, have a profile page, form groups, make friends, see who’s online, contact each other etc. It works much like a social media site.

The calendar now has a built in map on each event, so members can find the event and get directions from wherever they are. The Greenville Spinners can now sell tickets on the site for certain events, have the ability to collect funds for rides before the event, and print out attendee lists, making the day of the events easier to handle.

Tickets can now also be purchased in the on-line store, as well as being able to order kits.

Reports on the backend show, member signups, views, and sales and revenue. The site went live on January 1, 2016, and in one month has had over 24,000 views.

See the site here –