Project Description

As vice president of corporate communications for four different international firms and as head of an Atlanta public relations and marketing company, I’ve hired Wendy Schaefer for a variety of graphic design projects for almost 20 years.

Following an initial review of Ms. Schaefer’ s portfolio when I was vice president of corporate communications for Atlanta-based National Data Corporation in the early 1990s I directed members of my organization to assign her a project. The results were beyond expectations and I have continued to utilize her exceptional design skills ever since.

In fact, when I headed up the communications organization for Global Telesystems in Belgium, I became so frustrated with the quality of work I found locally, we flew Ms. Schaefer to Brussels for a two-week stay with the directive to redesign our entire corporate look, a project that had the close attention of our CEO. Again her work was exceptional, evoking high praise internally and externally.

I continue to use Ms. Schaefer for my clients at 815 Communications Inc. Not only is Ms. Schaefer exceptionally creative but she can take even the tiniest thread of an idea and spin it into a variety of design concepts. She needs little or no supervision and her bubbly and effervescent personality make her a pleasure to be around.

David Scott
President/ 815 Communications Inc.